Where It All Started

It took some digging but I found my very first site I ever made. It is old and makes me laugh, I started it in 2002 when we were just pregnant with Lily and then changed it all to keep everyone updated with Lily and her "condition". I like to look over it and laugh at the things I said, and cry at the things I said. It is nice to go back and be able to see what we have gone through and I thank God I was able to write it all out.
HERE IT IS ----click on here it is :) 
updates are newest to oldest so you have to scroll down to get to 2002. Yes seriously 2002-2008 is on that site.

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Anonymous said...

Kim. I wanted you to know, although you don't know me, I think about you and Lily often. I have searched for your blog or stories of Lily throughout the last decade. While I don't remember when I read your first post about Lily, it was linked through a mom website. I gave birth to my first child in October 2002. I read about lily's delays and thought of my own... I read about your struggles and frustrations and my heart was empowered. If Kim can do this... I can do this.

I sought you out tonight because I was watching Weed2 (CNN) and they were doing a story about a little girl around 3 years old that had approximately 75 seizures a day. They went to Colorado to treat their daughter with cannabis oil when their attempts to make their own failed. For the first time, their little girl was able to spend multiple hours in the sun... Seizure free. Now at the end of the segment, she had a seizure that they had to traditionally medicate. They showed how she couldn't function on epilepsy meds... Couldn't walk and stumbling.

I'm sure you know all this stuff on research for cannabis, but it pulled my heart and begged me to search for you. I am so proud of you as a mother and as a woman. You are strong and beautiful Kim. Take care. Stacey (Stacey.mather@yahoo.com)

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