Tuesday, October 16, 2012


So much to say, so much not to say. Ever have an inner tug of war going on in your brain that if you speak one minute you'll say one thing, but wait a whole nother minute and you will stay something totally different? It's like trusting your evil twin to write and then taking over and having your sweet self speak.
Do I make any sense? Ugh.
I think I am just working off a really full plate. Every time I eat something off that plate and it is gone something else gets stacked.
We finally got everything submitted to the underwriter and it is like holding your breath just waiting for that final "you are approved" email. I just about gave them everything from the paper trail of my birth starting from my parents first date. Short of giving them our first born, I don't know what else I could do for them. I am optimistic the email is coming and soon. I just want to exhale.
And because we didn't like the ridiculous pricing of the options on the home we went standard with most things and plan to DIY it come closing. Ugh. We will be happy we made this choice I am sure. Next year sometime. In the meantime it is talking our faces off on wanting real wood floors but wanting the prices of tile. Wanting wood shutters and wanting the price of mini blinds. It's what color in what room. It is like Pinterest overload to were I dream of colors and floor samples. All exciting stuff. I love that we get to move. This is our dream home. I never imagined us ever in a home bigger 2,000 sq ft. I am not complaining, I am just overwhelmed. I want a bigger budget. But don't we all. These are first world problems and I know how fortunate we are. I just want to hit fast forward to Christmas day and us sitting around our tree in the new house with this all pretty much behind us.
Andi and I will be meeting the principal at the new school and getting acquainted over there. I have butterflies for her. I hate pulling her out mid quarter, but she wants to do it. It will be so much easier for me, but I just can't imagine switching schools and in the middle of the year. This coming from a girl who went to the same elementary school, junior high and high school. I graduated high school with kids I graduated Kindergarten and 8th grade with.
But Andi at the age of 7 is a far cooler person than I have ever been nor ever will be. I know she is good.
Lily stays at her school and will be bused the same as usual. This I am grateful for.
Andrew and Oliver are heading to South Dakota for his Grandma's auction of her stuff. While he is away my mom and I am throwing a big 40th birthday bash for my brother and sister. We will wear costumes and have a great time! I hate to go without Andrew though :( We have been on fall break and by we I mean Andi and Lily. I have no break. I still work. We got a new gal to help with Lily on my work days and she was great those first two weeks. Unfortunately this week we had a miscommunication and I didn't have care for Lily, but Andrew came to rescue Monday and today Lily is my co-worker and she is a fine one at that. She doesn't gossip at the water cooler, she doesn't talk my ear off, she does require me to feed her, but considering all that she doesn't do I think she is just fine. :)
Although I should share that at 2pm she is on seizure number 7. She is taking turns from 1 minute long hard tonics to 5 min long less abrasive complex partials. I have tried to come to peace with this. I have fasted, I have prayed, I have asked for wisdom and for the most part I am much more accepting of it is what it is, but I can't deny the little crush in my heart for each one I witness. I know she has them daily, but I am sitting next to her, I catch each one. I see each one and a part of me wants to kick the seizure monsters butt.
But we're ... boom just had her 8th. Here is the silver lining, she is with me. Not a new caregiver. We are going to have to make changes. Seriously.
Back to superficial stuff that makes up our lives.
We are having a garage sale on November 3rd and Andi has been planning her bake sale for weeks now. She has the items she will bake and what prices each item will be. Although I did have to tell her most people will not buy a $2 oatmeal cookie. Wrong neighborhood.
Oliver has his tonsils out (not so superficial, my heart is torn up about this) on November 5th.
His tonsils are enormous  they almost touch. X-Ray says so are his adenoids. They all gotta go. I am convinced he will sleep and even eat better now, but we just survived this with Lily last year. I know how miserable it is and so sad my tiny little man has to now endure this. And then my poor Andi Jane has to watch another one of her siblings get special attention.
I am convinced she will break her leg just for some special medical attention.
Ok hubs is on me to wait for it... look at flooring. I must go. Not even gonna proof read. Not too many red squiggly lines so I assume I'm good.

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