Monday, May 16, 2011

Surgery Update

Lil Bill is back to normal! She is rolling around and seems to be feeling well. Poops still aren't quite on track, but we're getting there. She has though been waking, oh did I say waking, I mean SCREAMING bloody murder every moring at 5:30am on the dot. We go in her room and nothing seems to be wrong. So we aren't sure what is up with that. Not gonna lie, it kinda sucks. For all parties involved.
But she is back to rolling over and that means it must not be so tender anymore. She went to school today, but after getting Andi's opinion we decided to put a band aid on her neck incision. Although it is healing, it does look "a little bit yuck" as I was told. And I was also informed that Andi doesn't like people staring so we should just put a lightening mcqueen band aid on her neck. What in the world would I ever do with out my Andi Jane? My total surprise, did not want a baby at that time, Andi Jane.
Andrew was out of town this weekend and I had some issues with the word no and Andi. We really got into it Friday night and I didn't contol my temper (I hate when I let it get the best of me) I was so tired and the day was nothing but driving all around the state for Lily's dr apt and for work. It was just a "too much" day and it ended with us fighting and Andi told me she was going to move out and take Lily and Elmer with her. (Elmer the guinea pig) I was still mad at her, but it did soften my heart that Lily was coming with her. And a little sad she didn't want to take Oli. I almost had a great deal.
Anyway, we both apologized to each other and the rest of the weekend was so nice. Just hanging out at home, swimming, church. It ended with our small group meeting at our home and it was such an amazing time. So refreshing. So awesome. I just never understand questioning God when he makes himself so present. So so present.
So that's our update! All is well in the land of Nordy's. We've had some huge struggles, but we are moving forward and better for it.
Oh I also wanted to share Oli's end of the 5th week in ISR ... he is just doing amazing! He will graduate this week! So worth every penny. Watch for yourself. He is 2 years 3 months old!


Tiffany said...

So awesome Kim! I'm so glad Lil bug is feeling better. I don't know why Andi stories crack me up, but they do! Love her... she is a hoot:)
So glad Oli finally like swim. We just finished ISR with Elsie last week. Isn't it such an amazing program? I did it with Ava too and I love it!!

Lesley said...

wow-way to go little one!

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