Friday, March 4, 2011


Well as long as we can get the insurance to not be a pain in the hiney we can do the VNS surgery during spring break! The neuro surgeon (who was very nice btw) said she'll go into Lily's previous site and see if they can't use the nerve above and stay on the same side. She said with the scar tissue it is a longer procedure, but nothing too risky, they aren't messing with the wires around the previous nerves. It will be an outpatient surgery and as long as all goes well she should be up and at em (as much as Lily can be) in a few days.
I let her know we'd like this done ASAP and she was going to let her nurse know that so she works on insurance approvals. I will keep you all posted.
Tonight is the daddy/daughter sweetheart dance at church and Andrew is taking the girls, Grandma is taking Oli and I will be serving at the dance and we are all so excited! The girls are going to look so beautiful and daddy is pretty excited! This is such a special opportunity and I'm so glad to have wonderful people in our lives who put forward such an effort to make these things possible! Pictures to follow!
Saturday is my dear dear friends wedding and Andi's first sleep over/slumber birthday party for a friend from church. Sunday we are going to the Renaissance festival after church which happens to pretty much be one of my most favorite days of the year. So to say I am looking forward to this weekend would be a mild understatement. Ha Zaar!
Pictures of all things to follow!!!
Happy weekend friends!

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