Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Seizures SUCK!

Lily has not been sleeping, then last night she had a huge grand mal, then became inconsolable then she had another big one. Sharon (her awesome care giver) fed her a light meal, gave her dinner meds and a quick bath and we put her to bed and she did sleep all night.
I am praying this was due to lack of sleep, but I am afraid it means they are back. If they are back I will be devastated. She has been doing so well. Making so many gains. This makes me sad. I hate seizures. Ugh I hate them. Seizures suck!!!!!

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Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Yes they do----We are on a six day binge right now-every morning every night. Meds not working.
Seizures do Suck! Maybe its the changing of the weather?

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