Sunday, September 5, 2010

In my daughters eyes

Friday afternoon I was a hussling hussy. Ok not really, but I like to play on words. But seriously it was one of those errand running days, Ollie missed his nap from the stupid nap robbing car ride and I was to make a meal for a friend of mine (and fellow MOPS member) who just had a baby last week. I love to be of a service to people, but the meal thing just makes me nervous. I cook just fine for my family, but for others is stressful. I never know what they would like, if they will like it and then once that is all figured out, I never get the timing right. It is just a stressful thing, but it is always rewarded by the chance to sit and hold a newborn baby. :) ahhhhhhhhh.
So anyway back to the hussling hussy. I made cupcakes earlier, then while the dinner was baking I was making a special frosting, I am sweating, Andi wants to "help" but is basically just wanting to eat the frosting and Ollie of course is running on a 10 min car ride nap so he is screaming for me to hold him. I am trying to make sure Lily has her drink, snack and diaper changed in the meantime of all this.
Andrew gets home, I am trying to be pleasant, and pretty much take off, Andi in tow as usual.
On the drive there I'm sweating, looking a mess, and driving the van which although it has ac it really isn't much of a match against 110 degrees in SEPT (!) AZ. Andi says to me, "Mom you are a nice person." I think she wants something so I say "Why do you say that?" "Well whenever someone has a baby you make food and take it to them and when people die and people are sad you make them food and bring it to their house... that is like a nice person."
And want to know what I felt? Proud. Amazingly proud. This summer I have felt like I have been a less than mom. Setting poor examples by being short with the kids, frustrated and not thinking before acting. But just something as simple as making a meal a few times this summer and taking it to someones home made my daughter see me in a different light and all of a sudden I didn't feel like a sweaty disgusting hot mess, even if I was, in my daughters eyes I was a nice person and I felt on top of the world.
How lucky am I?


Marcia said...

You're very lucky! I remember that same situation with my daughter...made me feel sooooo good!

Marie said...

Just by Andi witnessing to your help to others she is learning so much about being compassionate! That is so awesome! I was laughing reading about cooking and sweating when preparing a meal for someone in need. I do the same and usally feel like a mess when leaving the house! What Andi said I wish my kids would pick up on and learn from...the last time I took a meal to someone all my kids are worried about is if I made the same thing for them for dinner!!lol! Miss seeing you all...marie

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