Friday, August 27, 2010

Sisterly Love

Last night we had Ariel come for the last time this summer....sniff sniff... she has been the best this summer. She was Lily's hab and respite provider and the best babysitter for the other two. She asked (yes asked) us to work one more night before heading back up to NAU for her sophmore year. She came and while I was doing my chicken dance running around getting dinner for all the kids ready so Andrew and I could go on a "date" (we had to go shopping for stuff for the kids), Andi asks me to write down what I like about Lily. I write her sweetness real quick and don't even think another thought about it. Well come this morning while feeding Lily and Oliver I look over at the donation box from the fundraiser and I look in it and I see a note Ariel wrote about Lily, my note and a note from Andi saying I love my sissy.
She made a box of things we love about Lily, melted my heart. Sure she is fiesty and her and I will probaby fight until the day I die, but her heart is so tender and I just adore that she is our daughter.


push design said...

Hi my name is anthony brenner and my wife and kids and I live in Asheville, NC and I have to tell you that my 9yr old daughter bailey (diagnosed with CDKL% last year)and your daughter are absolute identical twins. It is uncanny how similar they look. When I saw a picture of your daughter I felt nauseous and had chills for hours. Your blog is amazing, thankyou for sharing what you do.

push design said...

Please send me an email address and I will send you some photos of bailey. forward to hearing from you!

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