Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Well Mother's Day sure was indeed Mother's Day. Mother's Day to take care of everyone else.

Look what happened to Lily that weekend:

We think it was a spider bite, but still are uncertain. I took her to the on call Ped on Sat. AM and he gave her antibiotics just in case it was something more serious. It keep growing after seeing him so I gave her the AB's. She was almost back to normal by Monday morning. Poor thing. I am not one to freak out, but that really bugged me (no pun intended).

Andrew had pretty major knee surgery on Friday and I had to spend the day in the waiting room with Oliver. It was fun. I had a stranger lady holding him trying to calm him down. I also went into the cafeteria and three people asked if he was ok and commented on him being calm as opposed to how they saw him earlier in the day. So yeah, fun. Thank God my good friend kept Andi at her house. She is the only person that gets her to nap so I think she is a Goddess. When Andrew came out he was groggy. I think we both didn't expect the surgery to be as "much" as it was. He rested the rest of Friday but he really did more than he should that weekend. Like Saturday he went to Andi's soccer game and the party afterwards. He went to church and out to lunch on Mother's Day, but he was done by the end of that.

So while my Mother's Day was not spent pampered, it was actually more work than any other day, it is ok. I kind of seen what having 4 kids is like and I am so grateful Andrew got snipped! But I suppose if it was any other way, it really wouldn't have been Mother's Day, would it?

Although I do think next year me and my girl friends are going to Palm Springs for a spa vacation. Hopefully I will be done nursing Oliver by then and that will be a real Non Mother's Day which would be really nice. Really, really nice.


Kim said...

come on Kim let's get serious here. By next Mother's Day Oli will only be 15 months. He still would have another solid year left before being off the boob. Good try tho, way to be positive. Lol!

Kim said...

ha ha ha...seriously he doesn't treat my boobs like a delicacy the way Andi did. he just nurses to eat, not to cuddle. plus he takes a bottle. so pack your bags we're going!

mommy2twindaughters said...

I spend Mothers Day doing the same thing I do everyday. Nothing special and I am okay with that. (or at least that's what I'm telling myself) Glad Lily is feeling better!

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