Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spunky Andi

Why do I need to think of something to say when I can just repeat what my 4 year old says...
Andi had a shirt on with a word on the back
Andi: This shirt says barbie dot com
Mom: No it doesn't
Andi: What does it say then?
Mom: Guess (as in the brand)
Andi: See I told you it said barbie dot com

Andi: Mommy
Mom: Yes
Andi: On my birthday when I turn 5 can it be a surprise party?
Mom: Sure

Andi: Are skunks bad?
Mom: No
Andi: Then can we go to the skunk store and get one?
Mom: No

For financial reasons we had to pull Andi out of pre k so these are the conversations we have all. day. long.

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Tammy said...

Hahaha, she's so cute.

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