Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Quick update

Andi had her 4 year well check. 40 lbs, 44" tall. Perfect vision, hearing and blood pressure. I split her shots up since she really doesn't need them until next year and it's a good thing too, she freaked! I told her ahead of time about them, she said she wanted them, but when that needle came towards her she flipped. I had to hold her tight. It was really sad! The area is still red two days later, I know that tetanus shot hurts, I had to get one several years back after stepping on a nail...yeouch!
Oliver had his 2 month well baby and was 13 lbs and 23.5"! Head is growing perfectly (something I am a little over cautious about) his head control is far beyond his age and he looks perfect. I did go ahead with his vaccinations. I went over and over my concerns with their ped and he understands and let me make all the decisions. I will always watch my kids like hawks anyway so if I am afraid there is something not right we can always delay the vaccinations as needed. Our ped knows me and my freakish ways. He's been our kids ped since we've had kids. He knows Lily in and out. I hate watching my babies get shots :(
Lily is good except she has yet again another runny nose. Ugh! It's either allergies from being outside all day Sunday or another cold, either way it sucks. Whenever it starts we know it will be at least a month for it to go away.
Baby screaming, must go.

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