Saturday, January 31, 2009

Still pregnant...

Hi folks! I am still pregnant, just haven't been able to update since I've been working more than usual trying to tie up loose ends. Wouldn't you know during that time my work computer would crash and I would loose EVERYTHING in that computer? That was Wednesday and I think we recover what we needed to. I handed the payroll torch to my sister and now my life is about to change. I am going to work from home in a much less stressful position and mostly just be mommy. I can't tell you all how excited I am for this change! I so desire to be a stay at home mom and I think this is going to be a great change.
Oliver's room is just about done! We just have left some finishing touches that were ordered on Etsy, meaning they are custom made and will take a few weeks to come in. That is ok. His furniture is in and we are ready to roll.
At the Dr. on Tuesday I was 50% effaced and 2cm dilated. But that was Tuesday, this is Saturday. No good contractions, just random ones and nothing else. I have this week to go into labor or I will just have my c-section on Friday the 6th at 6am. We have to be there at 4am! Sigh.
All that matters is a healthy little boy in the end and I have sent many prayers just asking for that. If a VBAC is not in my best interest than the c-section will be just fine. I am leaving this one up to God. That doesn't mean that I am not walking a lot and doing what I can to get this thing started ;)
I will post an update with pictures when I can. I may get on here a time or two before Friday if that is when he comes!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So last night I was lying with Andi watching a Disney Princess sing a long and if you know me you know I was a singer in my previous life and still think I am, so if there is a song and words, mama is singing. Well during Beauty and Beast "There must be something that there wasn't there before" I'm singing and Andi says "No mom! I'm Belle, you're the Beast"
Great thanks.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Brusha, Brusha, Brusha

Both girls had a dentist appointment yesterday and Andrew had to work so I took them by myself knowing that Andi would have to do her cleaning solo. I told her ahead of time about being a big girl and boy was she ever! She went with the hygienist while I stayed with Lily. Lily's cleaning requires my leg up on hers, my one hand holding her hands and my other holding her face. Sounds torturous, but she really likes cleaning, she just doesn't stay still easily. She did great and we found out she had 3 of her 4 molars, I thought so, but got bit every time I checked AND her grown up teeth are almost all the way in on the bottom while those baby teeth are barely loose. Dentist said to just work on them and try to get them so she doesn't aspirate them. Nice thought. That is so up Andrew's alley I am sure he will mess with them until they come out. I cannot believe I have a child old enough to be loosing teeth. Sigh. No cavities!!
Andi did awesome with her cleaning. Couldn't quite understand the xrays so they didn't get those, but otherwise she looked great and no cavities!
Dentist commented on how beautiful both their teeth are. I'm sure he tells all the kids that, but I happen to think that my girls DO have beautiful teeth!
Lily had her 6 year well check (only 5 months late!) on Monday and all looked good. She is 50 lbs (!) and 48.5" tall. WOW! No wonder I am dying here this last month of my pregnancy. She is so heavy! No shots. I refused the flu shot. I don't really like injecting anything unnecessary in Lily. I know there are multiple opinions on shots, but my thought is she doesn't need one. She eats awesome. She only has 6 kids in her class and even when she gets sick it is never anything horrible. I also got a rx from the Dr for diapers that are not generic. The state sends (and a lot) generic diapers that I do appreciate not having to buy them, but they are bad. They leak, they have no elastic so they cut into her skin and they stick out of her clothes. People stare enough at Lily, I rather not have her diaper sticking out to add to the content of what to stare at. I am going to send that rx over to our medical supplier and cross my fingers they approve it.
We are getting really far with the nursery. I say Ty Pennington eat your heart out! My husband is making the most original, gorgeous nursery, by his hands, and he is better looking than Ty AND much less hyper! Extreme Makeover you can use his services, we could use the ABC cashola! :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Therapies....Baby....Nursery....Oh My

Lily had make up PT this morning and she did really well. Then we had a new Music therapist come here to make an assessment and we start on Monday. Yay. I just eliminated that 45 min, each way, drive that we made every Monday. Not to mention me not having to lift Lily in and out of the car as well as her wheelchair and etc. We have gone from having 3 clinic based therapies to none these past few months. Score! I like the MT and think she will be great with Lily. We still go to Horse therapy which will be very hard when Oliver arrives, but I did get approved for Hab hours and I am hoping I can find someone who will be able to take her for me. I have a feeling though finding the right person might be not so easy. Say a little prayer it all works out. It seems that is the therapy Lily is most responsive to. I'd hate for her to miss out any sessions.
So we are in the final stretch before we make room for baby and have a lot to do!
I've been feeling guilty about getting a shower for this third baby, which is next week, but while cleaning this morning I thought, geeze I think most third time mommies need a shower even more than first time mommies. Hear me out. MOST of the time this third child is either an"oops" or an after thought (or craving) after your kids are out of diapers and all the baby stuff has been put away (given away/sold). Then you want that third baby. So a lot of cases you are all out of baby stuff, not to mention that the sex could be different since a lot of families with two of the same sex try for that opposite sex and sometimes they get it. At least this is where we are, not an oops, but definitely an after thought. Plus a boy. No clothes. No furniture, oh and did I mention no money? First time parents are usually able to go out and get what they need. Not that they are rich, we weren't at all with Lily, but we didn't already have a family of four that we were supporting. If we wanted Pottery Barn we got Pottery Barn. OF COURSE the first child is very special and I loved my shower with Lily, AND every first time mom should get one, I just didn't NEED one as much as I seriously do this time. Is that selfish? Now I really didn't need anything for Andi and got a three showers! I had clothes, a nursery and blankets, etc... but I guess I am loved. Anyway I felt weird registering for this shower, but I figured if I am having a shower we better get what we need.
Have I mentioned my husband and what he is doing with this nursery? Andrew is so excited about this boy and since we hated all the bedding and nursery ideas they had for boys, we created our own. We are doing a surf theme, but it isn't just bedding, my husband is going all out. I am not kidding and I can't describe it. I will show you all in pictures. When it is done. He is in the middle of installing wood floors and that is just the beginning. I think I should pimp him out to do nursery's for families, he does it all for cost for us, we could make a pretty penny with his skills.
I can't wait to show how it all comes together. I can't wait to see it all come together.
I'm tired. I need a nap. I talk waaay too much.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy 2009!

I am so praying 2009 will far surpass 2008. No crappy study for Lily. Hopefully we will get that report with her actual diagnosis within this month. We will have a new baby! I pray he is healthy and shows us what boys are all about! Andi will enter her 4th year and I am hopeful that 4 will be better than 3. It has to be! She has gotten soooo much better within these last few months so I can only assume that means 4 will be great.
I do admit though, as much as I am ready to meet this little guy, I will miss pregnancy. I enter my 30's with my last child. As much as I hate heartburn and I yearn to hold him, I love that right now he is all mine. I get to hold him all day long, all by myself. Soon it will be stressful and crazy and I have to share him. I plan on enjoying this last month and will remind myself that this is it. My last baby.
Today I watched the babies at church, I do that every other Sunday and love it. We usually have 2-4, 3-6 month old. I love it. There is this baby with full cheeks that reminds me so much of Lily. This baby just wants to eat her bottle, then I rock her and like clock work she is asleep in my arms. Every time I watch her. She is so peaceful, her name means peaceful (for the whole internet reason thing I will not share her name) and she was appropriately named. I just love doing that job and it makes me more excited for our boy.
It was interesting, today in the nursery walked in a familiar face I hadn't seen in years. It took awhile to place her and I had to ask if she was K's mom. She said "Yes" and sadness filled her face. K was my first experience with death in a child. Lily and K attended the same infant program at FBC and when she suddenly passed away I was shell shocked. I knew we all had very special kids, I just didn't imagine ever loosing any of them. Lily was only about 18 months when she passed and that funeral was so life changing for me. I read back in my personal journal about that day and I still get the chills. I couldn't place myself in K's moms shoes. I couldn't. I just didn't know how she could watch that tiny grave go into the ground. I was in awe at her composure and knew I would have been on the ground unable to be lifted.
Unfortunately that was not my last funeral I have been to for a child and it never gets easy. But that one will be my first and was life changing. It taught me about what I had and what I had to loose. I learned a lot from K and her family and was glad to see her looking happy, with a family and doing well. Nothing will change the loss of K, but she has moved on. Another thing I worried I have a hard time doing. Life is fragile and seeing her today reminded me of that very fact.
I think we all need reminders from time to time.
I pray this is a wonderful year and not just for us, but for all our friends and families. We love all our special angel friends we have met in real life and on the web and thank God that we had Lily in this generation where we aren't alone. We can all rely on each other and that is something to be very grateful for.

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