Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick update

So this wean has been a little tough. She had 4 seizures on Sat and on Sunday. She went down to 2 every day since Monday, but the bad part is she is refusing to eat. We think her 6 year molars could be coming in, but no one is brave enough to feel back there.
We stop study drug Friday. I know I said that I would do this slower, but the fact that she is not eating means I am barely getting half her meds in her anyway. I can't start Vigabitrine/Sabril until I have her off the study drug, so I am ready to start that and see if we can't just get back to where we were before all this sh!t started.
So I will update and let you all know. Lily had fall break for 2.5 freaking weeks this coming Monday so I will be home with her a lot. It is a good time to make the med changes. It is just hard when you do work.
Keep us in your prayers, please.


mommy2twindaughters said...

When they don't eat, it sucks. Hopefully the meds will help Lily and she can have a fun fall break. Hang in there mom!

Lesley said...

Thinking of Lily and hoping she is doing OK.

Carolynn from Western Australia said...

Hang in there Kim, there just has to be light at the end of this tunnel. :-)

Had to smile when you said no-one was game to have a feel inside of Lily's mouth to see if her teeth were coming through.

Can you crush and mix her medicine into a liquid that she would drink
so that you could be more sure that she is getting the majority of it.

I so hope you are able to get her back to where you were comfortable with how she was doing.

How are YOU doing, are you keeping well in your pregnancy, I can't believe you are now more than halfway through your pregnancy. You must be getting excited about the arrival of this little boy. You cope so admirably now, I'm sure you will breeze through any challenges put in front of you.

What a relief to be able to get some in home therapy sessions, not so much running around, especially when your weather gets hot in the summer. We too get very hot summers, sometimes in the early 40's Centigrade, thank heavens for air conditioning hey.

Well I'll say cheerio for now and will continue to visit with you everyday.

Take care
Lots of Love Carolynn xxx :-)

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