Tuesday, August 12, 2008


After our trip up north and all those seizures Lily bug had, we went to the Dr. demanding change. So he gave us change, then she stopped having so many and I delayed the change.
We started to wean Topamax as we were told, yet a lot slower than I was told. Like usual. :)
So while we are weaning the Topamax I am noticing, not more seizures, but a little bit more intensity in the seizures, so we added the Depakote... slowly I might add....so while we wean the one we will slowly add the other. I will update on how all that goes. As of lately though she is much more herself than she has been. She has been incredibly verbal, that child can scream! Especially when she is happy, the silly turkey. She is doing great in therapy these past two weeks. Last week she cried when we took her off Ruby the Horse! She is in a transition from her old Music therapist to a new one, we will greatly miss Rebecca! She has seen Lily since before her 2nd birthday. She has been the hugest constant in Lily's life, therapist wise, and we will really miss her. But her new therapist has worked at the center for awhile and has even seen Lily when Rebecca has been out so it is a good transition and I feel it will be a smooth process.
If only we could just knock back a couple 10-20 degrees Mondays would be so much easier.
Grandma Cheryl (Andrew's Mom) is coming tomorrow for 10 days! And Grandma Betty (Gma Cheyl's mom) is coming on Thursday for 10 days! And Papa Steve will be joining us next Wed as well!
We originally got Gma Cheryl a ticket to watch the girls while we got to a wedding in Cancun, then she invited Gma Betty and then they decided to have Papa Steve come for Lily's birthday party so it will be a lot of fun here for the next couple weeks!
Lily is having a party next Saturday the 23rd! It will be a lot of fun! Her actual day is the 28th but we didn't want to throw it Labor Day weekend when all the Grandparents would be gone, so it is a little early and a little smaller than usual. I decided to cut the guest list in half. We always have so many people that it is a little overwhelming for everyone. Lily included. And we are doing it at Grandma Nancy's big house and renting a huge inflatable slip and slide, it will be a blast!
So since we are off to Cancun in two days I will have to update when we return.
Pray all is well while we are gone. Cancun is a long way from home.

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Carolynn from Western Australia said...

I admire your perseverance with all that has been going on in your life with Lily, she is such a lucky girl to have a Mum so dedicated as yourself and to have a family who love her so very much.

How is your pregnancy going, well I hope, and what is Andi up to these days.

Wish Lily a Great Big Happy Birthday from me even though she has no idea who I am. But here are some mighty big Australian Birthday Wishes for a very special litle girl.

Take Care, I visit your blog at least once per day sometimes more just to see if there are any more entries about you and your family.

Lots of Love Carolynn xx :-)

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